Homemade Pop Tarts...Yummy!!

These have to be the cutest lil' pop tarts I've ever seen in LIFE! So many of the store-bought brands are filled with sugar, and now you can fill them with whatever you like. And I'm guessing the little ones are going to love being Mommy's helper for this one! 

Click on the link for the recipe...and make sure to post pics of your creations; we'd love to see them. ;-)

More Alphabet Soup, Please...

'The Alphabet Song'; one of the first songs my boys ever learned. Well, the little one is still learning it. Or should I say he just watches with the biggest of smirks on his face as I sing it over and over and over and over and...you get the point. Yep- I'm his very own personal jester (if you ask him). But what can I say? Anything to calm a crying baby! Enjoy!

♥ 'A is for Alphabet' bib (18.00)- www.binkandboo.etsy.com

♥ 'Block Talk' ($39.00)- www.spoolnloops.etsy.com

♥ Korean Alphabet Quilt ($120.00)- www.emishimosato.etsy.com

♥ Alphabet Play Yard Sheet ($40.00)- www.cradleandall.etsy.com

♥ Alphabet Chenille Stroller Blanket ($65.00)- www.sweetpiedesign.etsy.com

♥ Lead Picture: Owl Alphabet 8x10 print ($20.00)- www.emrick123.etsy.com


Un-be-LEAF-ably Cute!

As I went for my early morning workout today, the brisk air served as a subtle reminder that Fall 'falls' tomorrow! YAY! Almost time to pull out the heated blankies! I'm also planning on taking some really cool pics of the baby in a big ol' pile of leaves! He'll be wearing his older brother's (by 12 years!!) cute litte sweater with the adorable bear ears. Yep, I saved it...But enough of my rambling; check out these leafy lovelies...

♥ 'Zoo Animal' Burp Cloth Gift Set ($15.00)- www.icingonthecupcake.etsy.com

♥ Organic Cloth Diaper Cover ($14.50)- www.rethinkcrafts.etsy.com

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♥ Lead picture: 'Paige In Leaves'- Doug Setzer's Flickr stream


And The Winner Of Our Baby Habit Giveaway Is...

Natalie A. from Salt lake City, UT- congratulations!! Natalie gets to choose 1 Jellycat toy of her choice up to $22.00! A big thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned; another contest will be announced this week!!!


Fantastic Flickr Friday- What's Your Fave??

♥ 'Pacifiers In Line'- Darrow Wassoc

♥ 'Pacifier'- Carlos Porto

♥ 'Creamy'- Maxivida

♥ 'Pacifiers In The Tree'- Dilona

I love the artsy shots of these little binky's. Which one do you heart the most??


Try This Thurdays- Paper Treat Cones & Display

Having a party? Check out this amazing tutorial for paper treat cones! How stinking cute, right?? Not only is it cute, but it's a fairly simple project that should take you no time at all. The tutorial includes a free template for the cones, and you can customize the color to match your scheme/theme. Hop on over to The Hostess Blog for the full tutorial.


Here, Puppy Puppy!

One of the very first words my 18-month old learned was "doggy"....and boy, did he ever! Any animal/insect he sees now gets the pleasure of hearing "Doggy, doggy, doggy, doggy!" until they are no longer in sight! From mosquitoes to cats- it matters not. It's the funniest thing! Needless to say we are looking to get him one, but for now he might have to settle with one of these adorable puppy pieces (for boys, of course)...

♥ Spotty Pink Puppy Dog Giftset ($46.00)- www.tadpolecreations.etsy.com

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