Un-be-LEAF-ably Cute!

As I went for my early morning workout today, the brisk air served as a subtle reminder that Fall 'falls' tomorrow! YAY! Almost time to pull out the heated blankies! I'm also planning on taking some really cool pics of the baby in a big ol' pile of leaves! He'll be wearing his older brother's (by 12 years!!) cute litte sweater with the adorable bear ears. Yep, I saved it...But enough of my rambling; check out these leafy lovelies...

♥ 'Zoo Animal' Burp Cloth Gift Set ($15.00)- www.icingonthecupcake.etsy.com

♥ Organic Cloth Diaper Cover ($14.50)- www.rethinkcrafts.etsy.com

♥ Baby/Toddler Shoes ($14.99)- www.sewingsparklz.etsy.com

♥ 'Sleeping Bird In The Leaves' Bib ($12.00)- www.beanpicklesprout.etsy.com

♥ 'Fall Leaves' Gift Set ($23.00)- www.sobrightdesigns.etsy.com

♥ Lead picture: 'Paige In Leaves'- Doug Setzer's Flickr stream



  1. WOW! all this stuff is sooo cute it almost makes me wanna have a baby.. lol.. nahhh- just kidding! it is super cute though!

  2. SIGH...our first day of Fall is in the 90's :( I can't wait for it to be cool...and stay that way! I love all of your cutey baby items!!

  3. I love it! you know what i would add to this list?? my step sister makes some cute baby stuff too, but my all time favorite is called the Wee Fig Leaf, oh i will leave a link ....

    anyways, super cute, gonna have to go favorite some shops now!