Fantastic Flickr Friday...

♥ 'Happy Baby'- Useable Web

♥ Polkadotandplaid

♥ 'Happy Baby'- Samuel Ge'-Fotografia & Design

♥ 'Happy Baby'- Zsafwan

Is there anything sweeter than a happy baby? Which one do YOU heart the most??


'Ice Cream' Baby Shower...

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I don't know about you, but I certainly scream for ice cream! We've all heard of the 'pickles and ice cream' shower, but what about a straight-forward ice cream shower, complete with a sundae bar? How CUTE is that??

Aren't these ice cream cupcakes by Hello Naomi absolutely adorable? I thought so, too!

You could set the tone with these charming ice cream cone invitations. This little Zazzle boutique has an assortment of matching stickers, stamps and note cards as well.

There are lots of cute ice cream shaped vases out there, and placing flowers in them gives your party a dainty look and feel.

Setting up a sundae bar for your guests is made simple with this idea from Country Living. Just premake your ice cream cones, dip them in melted white chocolate and chocolate, then roll them around in coconut flakes, nuts, sprinkles etc. Saves you a lot of hassle on the big day, too.

Your guests will drool (I sure did) for these for these sweet enough to eat Neapolitan Popsicle soaps from Soapy Love. They'd make for some cute favors!

Or opt for these heart-shaped ice cream scoops found here.

Go ahead and treat yourself; you deserve it!


Lollipop, Lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli...

You know, as I was searching the blogosphere for adorable lollipop-infused baby things, I had the hardest time!! And I searched EVERYTHING! But then it dawned on me; perhaps companies think that coupling lollipops with baby products would be like promoting tooth decay?? Ahh, I'm just kidding! But all is not lost- my sheer determination allowed me to still scrounge up a few delicious looking items. What can I say, I'm a sucker for lollipops (get it- sucker??)...

♥ Happy Kids Lollipop Leather Booties-

♥ Peace, Love and Lollipops Onesie ($28.00)-

♥ Sugar n' Spice Washcloth Lollipop Bouquet ($24.95)-

♥ Lollipop Tree Layette Onesie ($23.00)-

♥ Lead picture courtsey of SueSue2's Flickr stream


Bee-youtiful Baby...

Random fact about me: if you want to see me take off running down the street, tell me there's a bee nearby! I know, I know- it's pathetic, but oh-so-true... However, I think they are absolutely darling when fictionalized! They just seem so innocent on t-shirts, bibs and blankets, don't they? Nothing like the killer bees that chase me around! Now if only I could find some honey...

♥ Designer Dress and Bloomers ($45.00)-

♥ Beehive Cake-

♥ Busy Bee Baby Shoes ($10.00)-

♥ 'Keep the Hive Alive' Organic Bodysuit ($30.00)-

♥ 'Yy Is For Yellow' print ($14.00)-


You Can Still Win These!!

Hey, guys! There are only 3 days left for the Henry Weston Kids chenille wipes/washcloths giveaway! They are giving away 4 of these cutie patooties! Lots of ways to win, so enter now! Click here for more details.


Fantastic Flick'r Friday!

Look at these vintage baby food bottles I found on Roadsidepicture's Flick'r stream!!! AWWW! Of course that prompted me to find some vintage-styled baby photos. Take a peek!

♥ 'Vintage Baby'- Cae3/Anita

♥ 'Vintage Baby'- Jaki Good

♥ 'Vintage Angel Babydoll'- Liza Edith Photography

'Vintage Baby'- CWP

Which one do you heart the most??


'Lil' Buckaroo' Baby Shower..

(click pictures to enlarge)

Yee-Haw!! Cowboys have been an American staple pretty much forever; I'm convinced that before riding horses they rode dinosaurs. What a unique and fun baby shower theme this is!

There are plenty of cowboy baby shower invites and thank-you cards available today, and this is a great way to set the tone for the big day.

Bandana cones filled with popcorn are cute and easy to make- they also make for a great table display. You can substitute the bandanas for cowboy inspired scrap paper as well. Search online for tutorials and how-to's.

Cowboy cookies make sweet favors; just put a few in a cellophane bag and tie with pretty ribbon. Make sure you speak to all of your guests with a thick, western drawl in order to keep this authentic! Ha Ha; just kidding! Enjoy...

Top Row (left to right):
♥ Cowboy Baby Shower Cake
♥ Cowboy Invitations ($25.00)-

Middle Row (left to right):
♥ 'Hey Cowboy' Cookies ($19.99)-
♥ Cow Print Balloons

Bottom Row (left to right):
♥ Bandana Tableware
♥ Bandana Popcorn Cones


Vroom, Vroom, Vroom...

Can you believe that one of my son's first words was "car"? Neither can I!! It's pretty safe to say that I've spent TONS of money on his car obsession throughout the years; close to a billion dollars! I kid, I kid- but it sure seems like it. Car cakes, car furniture, car costumes- and he never missed a car show! So while I tend to keep my fingers crossed that the baby doesn't follow the same route, I can't help but be amused by all the unique car designs for babies. Let's check 'em out...C'mon- I'll race ya!!

♥ Michael Miller Minky Burpies ($20.00)-

♥ Robeez Speedster Shoes ($21.99)-

♥ Zoom Handpainted Wall Letters ($22.00)-

♥ Traffic Jam Pacifier Clip ($6.00)-

♥Pit Stop Blanket ($79.00)-


Watermelon, Anyone??

Now it just wouldn't be summer without watermelon, and in my house we have it in abundance! I'm talkin' watermelon smoothies, watermelon frozen ice, watermelon lemonade, even watermelon burgers! I'm just joking about the burgers (yuck!), but you get the picture...Now check out these delicious finds! Then take a look at the cutest 'Watermelon Pops' recipe below!

♥ Pickle Juice Tank and Diaper Cover Set ($30.00)-

♥ Watermelon Cupcake

♥ Juicy Soft Sole Crib Shoe ($14.00)-

♥ Watermelon Pacifier/Toy clip ($5.00)-

♥ Watermelon Cookies