Don't Eat That!!!

I have a confession to make- food just happens to be one of my favorite things in the entire world! So does this make me a bad person?? I don't think so! As a matter of fact, I think it makes me pretty normal, because most people I know also daydream of chocolatey- covered sundaes with beautiful mounds of whip cream cascading down its sides. Ok, they really don't, but that's besides the point...check out these delectable looking inedible little delights. Yummy...

Special delivery Baby Pizza ($40.00)-

Tropical Punch Washcloth Lollipops ($10.95)-

Washcloth Sushi- (prices vary)

Double Stuffed Cookies ($7.00)-

Hungry Baby Ice Cream Tee ($$23.00)-

♥ Lead picture- Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Barrette ($8.50)-


10 Little Toes...

The smell of bug repellent, the purr of the air conditioner, fresh watermelon at the market- yep, summer is certainly here! I always find it utterly adorable when I see babies in sandals- TOO cute!! Here are a few sandals that will help keep baby's toesie-woesies cool! Happy Monday!

Baby Gladiator Sandal ($18.50)-

Nuv Mastic by Catimini ($96.99)-

Jubilee Jelly ($7.99)-

Flower Straw Sandal ($11.99)-

Daisy Crochet Sandal ($12.00)-


And The Winner Is (drumroll, please!)....

Hana (!!!!

!!! Whoo-hoo!!! Hana was chosen by the random number generator and has been contacted. The prize must be claimed within 24 hours. We received quite a few entries for our 'Look At That Baby' digital scrapbook picture giveaway, and we'd like to thank to everyone who participated! You ROCK!!! Stay tuned- we have another contest coming up verrry soon!!!


HI, GUYS!!!! I am uber excited to be back up and running. We were gone for a little while as we had to rush our blog to the bloggie hospital for a little surgery- she needed a minor face lift! But thanks soo much for being patient, and we will be back bright and early Monday with lots of new goodies, fantastic finds, shower themes and the WINNER of our 'Look At That Baby' contest!!! YIPPEE! I'm excited!!! See ya Monday, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


Hi, guys!! Oh, how I've missed my blogosphere frineds so.. However, I am pleased to announce that the Sweet Cuddlecakes blog is getting a makeover! YAY!! So please pardon our dust as the posts will be a bit slow for about a week while we prim and primp. However, we will return with lots of goodies for ya, so stay tuned!!!



For some reason I have always loved nautical themes for babies. The classic style is not only nostalgic, but brings to mind the days when my mother had to wash bucketfuls of sand out of my hair and eyes at the beach. I really thought I was a sailor when she dressed me like that (tee-hee). Yep, those were the days...

♥ Sailor Booties ($22.00)-

♥ Nautical Cupcakes- Kylie Lambert Flickr stream

♥ Sailor Gift Set ($24.99)-

♥ Nautical Rocker ($105.00)-

♥ Sailor feeding Set-



Polka dots never seem to go out of style (at least for little ones they don't), and personally I am quite thrilled about it- I love 'em! I even tried to find a polka dot stroller for you guys, but it was only available overseas. BUMMER. Anyhoo, here are a few things that I did find. Now if only I could find some masculine looking polka dots for my boys...yea, right. They'd resent me for LIFE!

♥ Pink Polka Dot Felt booties ($22.00)-

♥ Soda Pop Patchwork Blanket ($45.00)

♥ Round About Lolli-dot Burp Cloth set ($22.00)-

Polka Dot Baby Bottle ($24.95)-

Polka Dot Onesies ($22.00)-



I recently went to a restaurant with family in tow only to find that they had NO HIGHCHAIR!!! AAARGH! Being that my youngest is 16 months, it was difficult taking turns holding him while someone seized an opportunity to eat (to say the least). How I wish I had found this earlier! The My Little Set portable highchair seems to be the perfect solution. It fits on almost any chair, and I would actually prefer this over having my little one in the aisle at restaurants-

"Perfect for babies who can sit up unassisted and for older toddlers who need a bit more security when sitting in a chair, My Little Seat will be a lifesaver wherever you go! Simply slip over a regular dining chair and instant high chair! Each seat has 4 ties and 2 harness straps to safely secure even the most energetic tots. Comes with matching carrying bag."

Best of all, it folds into the size of a diaper- I'll take 18!

♥ (24.99)-


(click pictures to enlarge)

Who says all baby showers have to be tame and conservative? I sure don't!! Add some excitement, flair and spice with a zebra-themed baby shower!

Make sure to have splashes of color throughout as the black and white print can become a bit redundant. Bright colors work best- think chartreuse, fuchsia or even orange.

Paper lamps in coordinating solids are ideal for decor. Also consider candles as they are inexpensive yet elegant.

Zebra-printed cookies could serve as favors, or grab some cute little favor boxes and fill them with candies. I guarantee your guests will go wild!!

♥ Zebra-printed note cards ($20.00)-
♥ Favor box ($2.50)-
♥ Party banner ($18.00)-