You know how they say that sometimes you have to speak things into existence? Well, I am speaking that one day I'm going to be a gazillionaire (and so are you!). And when I do, I am gonna buy ALLLL Of my followers one of these absolutely amazing fantasy carriages! And it matters not whether you have children, it's so breathtaking you could just put it in your kitchen and stare at it all day! One day, day (sighs).

♥ Fantasy Carriage- ($19,995.00)-

Pink & Orange Baby Shower

(click pictures to enlarge)

When planning a baby shower for my clients, sometimes it can be challenging to find baby-themed products because of the "not-so-babyish" bold colors I like to use. However, being that there are many mod-mom and contemporary themed shower goodies out there today, don't be afraid to think outside of the box and spice things up a bit! Why?? Because you're one hot mama!!

For invites look for simple and to-the-point designs in order to keep them from being too busy- the color will be eye-catching enough!

The table setting could consist of white table linens and chairs (or chair covers) with a splash of color for the napkins and holders, or even vice-versa; the contrast will compliment one another well. A few bouquets of fresh flowers are always key in decorating as it adds an elegant touch without breaking your wallet, and during this time of the year the colors should be easy to find.

For the menu, go with grilled chicken sandwiches on kaiser rolls, coleslaw or fresh pasta salad, and chocolate-covered strawberries and oranges. Raspberry lemonade with slices of lemons served in glass pitchers will also lend to the theme. The ooh's and aahh's you'll receive will be endless!!

♥ Pink and orange vellum candy boxes- ($15.00)
♥ Princess Banner ($15.00)-
♥ Pom Pom set- ($30.00)-

Zero Calories, Zero Fat!

I loooooove sweets; perhaps a bit too much! Oh, how much simpler life would be if I could satisfy my sweet tooth by simply glancing at these delectable-looking non-edible confections. Well, they'd certainly make sweet gifts! Now; off to find a cupcake...

3-tier diaper cake ($65.00)-

Sweetie Pie Pink burpcloth cupcakes ($22.00)-

Princess Tea Party felt desserts ($20.00)-

Diaper Cake ($75.00)-

Cupcake Soap ($12.45)-

♥ Lead Picture: Chocolate Fudge Brownie paper cake box- ($24.00)-

Sunny Delight!

I'm not sure where you're located, but on the east coast it seems to have completely skipped Spring and jumped right into summer! Talk about HOT! Well, just in case Mother Nature has forgotten there are 4 seasons in a year, I thought it only appropriate to showcase a few hats to to help keep the bambino protected. Don't forget the sunblock!

Printed Swim Hat ($9.50)-

Sweet Pink Flowered Bonnet ($10.00)-

Plaid Ruffle Sunhat ($12.75)-

Knuckleheads OG Pub Hat ($12.00)-

♥ Lead picture: The Owlie ($29.00)-

Color Me Cute!

Remember the old saying "Kids should be seen and not heard?". Well, I imagine that would be almost impossible to do with these boldly-colored foot adornments! They speak loud and clear, don't they? My poor granny has to be turning in her grave! Happy Monday!!!!

The Andy Track shoe ($29.50)-

Metallic Sweet Mary Jane's ($35.00)-

Gumdrops hand-painted shoes ($34.95)-

Razzmatazz- ($65.00)-

Silly Soles ($38.50)-

♥ Lead Picture: felt knitted high-tops ($27.00)-

Colorful 'Tropical Punch'- Washcloth Lollipops

...And since today is all about color, I might as well show you my new washcloth lolli's! I am making tons of these as favors for a Luau-themed baby shower I'm putting together for a client (Poconos- YAY!!). It's going to be a tropical paradise! You likey? You can grab some at our Etsy shop RIGHT NOW!

♥ ($10.95)


They're necessary. They're safe. But do they have to be soooo darn blah looking?? NO THEY DON'T! You guessed it; I'm talking about outlet covers, people...

Well, now there's a solution. These eye-catching creations will keep children's fingers safe and compliment your child's room. The 5"x5" dimensions cover both outlets and is attached to a wooden base plaque so that little one can't pull it out of the wall. And guess what? They're only $4.50! Now you can buy 500!! One word- genius.


Ahhhh- Vintage Nurseries

VINTAGE: pronounced [vin-tij]- adjective; representing the high quality of past times.

When I was a child, I thought that vintage meant drab and boring- "Who would want to decorate an entire room this way?", I'd think to myself. But now that I'm an adult with car notes, wifely duties and crying children, I can truly appreciate the nostalgic decor of these wistful nurseries. Kinda makes me long for the sweet summers of yesterday...

CLOTH DIAPERS- (don't let them frighten you!)

Cloth or plastic? Almost sounds like your choice of options at the grocery store, huh? However, this is the age-old question that many new moms are faced with in regards to diapering. While cloth diapers are better for babies, many moms like the convenience of disposable ones. But boy, do I have good news! Today's cloth diapers are made to be just as convenient, a lot less messier than the days of old, and my favorite part? They're 343 billion times cuter (insert squeals of delight here)!!! Not to mention they're less expensive in the long run than disposables. Changing baby has never been more fun!

Bumkins All In One Diaper-

Vintage Green and Brown diaper- ($13.50)-

Minky Diaper ($32.97)-

Gumballs baby wipe case ($11.00)-

Wahmie's wet bags-

On The Go diaper clutch ($24.00)-


It's April 22nd, and that means it's time for a celebration! Of what, you ask? The Earth?! Woo-hoo!! I invite you to take a moment to celebrate this internationl observance along with me! Being that I am a mother, doing my part to preserve the earth for my children is one of the most important things that I can do for them; surely they deserve it. So, today I will make a conscious effort to walk instead of drive, use recyclable bags, hug a tree, and who knows? I may even plant a whole daffodil field!! Ok, wishful thinking....

Organic Baby Blanket- Flick'r user: organicbynature

Little Twig organic baby wash and body milk-

Organic onesie ($10.99)-

Green Tots organic 'Let It Grow' washcloth set ($19.00)-

Organic toys from

Celebrate Earth Day with the family by:

♥ Taking in a matinee of Walt Disney's Earth Day debut of the documentary 'Earth'

♥ Encouraging kids to join in on a 60 second power down at 9:00pm e.s.t (for those who are still awake)

♥ Tuning in to Noggin and Nickelodeon as they are having environmentally friendly themed- shows throughout the day

Find more ways to get involved with the green movement at

Have a fun and safe day!!!!

Let Them Eat CAKE!!!!!!

Is it so terrible that one of my favorite things about a baby shower is eating the cake?? Don't get me wrong, welcoming a new baby is certainly a wondrous event. However, I find that throughout the 'pin the diaper on the baby' games and the "oohing" and "aahing" during the opening of gifts, I am secretly yearning for someone to cut that cake (you know I'm not alone in this!). Take a looksie at these mouth-watering edible slices of Heaven....
♥ Baby banner ($10.00)-


♥ Flick'r user: wickedcakechick

♥ Tutorial:

♥ Flick'r user: princessd6601