I have a confession to make- I have two little monkeys for kids. NO, not the primates that you see in the zoo or jungle, but by the way they swing from my banisters and hop off the beds, they might as well be. And guess what?? I love my little monkeys and wouldn't have it any other way. Take a looksie at these monkey-licious items...

Bananas Flannel & Minky Blanket ($35.00)-

Waders & Onesie Set ($26.00)-

Appaman Pink Monkey Onesie ($16.00)-

Monkey See Monkey Do washcloth candies ($7.95)-

Sock Monkey Burp Cloth Set ($30.50)-

Diaper Bag ($165.00)-

Monkey Shoes ($31.00)-


Monograms have been around for as long as I can recall. Remember Mom's monogrammed towels that were "only for decoration so don't you dare dry your hands on these!" ? Or Daddy's monogrammed plush robe that you wished you could wrap yourself in? Well, guess what? We've evolved, guys! Check out these adorable monogrammed pieces for your babycakes...

Race Car Burpie ($5.00)-

Chenille Bib & Burp Cloth set ($35.99)-

Monogramed Toddler Quilt ($69.00)-

Handpainted Wall Letters ($22.00)-

Personalized Minky Pillow ($69.50)-


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Hi, guys!!! Needless to say, I'm back from my mini-vacation. I had a ball, but there's no place like home- I missed you guys!!! Ok, ok, enough of the mushy-ness...I have a beautiful garden shower to get to...

Now would be an ideal time to have a garden-themed shower as summer isn't totally here yet; the mild weather is the perfect backdrop!

Colorful invites with pastel flowers is a great way to set the tone for this theme. Also consider using phrases such as "A baby is blooming" in the wording.

The table setting should be full of color. Consider grass-like place mats with colorful tableware for a unique twist. I also love the look of these Martha Stewart paper flower kits. Simple and elegant, they make for interesting conversation pieces! DIY flowered votive candles gives off a pleasant ambiance, and are easy to whip up with a few fresh flowers, tea light candles and a glass vase.

For the menu, go with grilled chicken breasts with an herb-dipping sauce, cream of watermelon soup and strawberry Bellini's. I also thought that the mini-garden cakes were absolutely adorable!

For favors, little seed packets are sweet memento's that are usable, however, I think they might be a bit too cute to open! There you have it! Enjoy!

♥ Invitations ($15.00)-
♥ Cream of Watermelon Soup recipe-


There's almost nothing that says "new baby" more than a sweet pair of booties. They're so tiny and cute and sweet on baby's itty bitty, tinky wittle precious feet! Ok, enough of the baby talk- take a peek at these unique booties...

Lily White Mary Jane's ($24.50)-

Creme Brulee 'Cute As A Button' boy booties ($16.50)-

Hot Pink Baby Booties- made by

Whale Watcher ($28.99)-

Recycled Cheetohs Booties- Mojo Trashion

Missy Mink Faux Fur booties ($14.00)-


Parents, we all know how important it is to make sure our kiddies get the recommended daily amount of fruit and veggies, right? Well, how about giving them a serving of these wearable edibles (ok, you can't technically eat them)- but you get the point! I'm just happy these don't look like public service announcements- unlike the fruit and veggie shirts I was forced to wear as a child. Enjoy!

Apples & Pears tunic dress ($26.99)-

Lemon Reversible bib ($9.50)-

Apple Onesie ($15.00)-

Strawberry Felt Booties- ($23.95)-

Totally Bananas bib ($10.00)-


Tired of seeing the same ol' boring nursing covers? Well now you can nurse your baby privately AND fashionably (trust me, the latter is of equal importance!)-

" This Nursing Cover enables breastfeeding moms to nurse their child while spending time with their family and friends. Unlike an ordinary blanket, the Nursing Cover is fitted perfectly to the nursing mother. The Nursing Cover assists mother in staying modest, when baby might snatch a blanket and pull it off!

The neck strap can be completely adjusted and fitted perfectly to Mommy’s liking. One side of the cover has a terry cloth pocket to store breast pads and to clean baby's mouth."

How cool is that?! And for the price, you might opt on getting 2 or 3 so you can switch it up. These are too darling. I might just wear one because of it's cuteness, and I'm not even nursing! Have a great weekend!!!

♥ $21.99


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Since butterflies are said to represent beauty and new life, having a butterfly-themed shower (and a purple one at that) could certainly celebrate both!

Look for invites with butterflies on them to set the tone. You may have to do a bit of searching here, but there are plenty of customizable invites that could be geared towards a baby-shower for pretty reasonable prices.

White or lavender table-cloths with fresh cut flowers will spice things up nicely. Incorporating vases with shades of purple in them along with rich purple votives is a simple way to keep with the theme.

For the menu, consider an exotic fair such as spicy Thai-salad with vegetable spring rolls served on a bed of purple cabbage leaves. You could also consider having a dessert table filled with different shades of purple delights (a la Amy Atlas) for guests to choose from. Top it off with a butterfly themed-cake or cupcakes with edible butterfly toppers- which could also serve as centerpieces.

For favors, crystal butterflies are not only dainty, but will help guests to recall the symbolic meaning of this beautiful gathering. And when all is said and done, the guest of honor will be floating on air as if she, herself, were a butterfly!

♥ Butterfly invites- ($14.00)-
♥ Butterfly/dragonfly centerpiece-


I am truly convinced that anything adults can wear, babies can wear too (well, almost). I mean, who ever thought the day would come when animal print would be fashionable for little ones? Yes, I know that animals themselves have always been a big part of baby gear (i.e. the lions and tigers and bears- oh my!), but actual animal print? I think my grandma's a-turnin' in her grave! ROAR!!!

Hot pink and Chocolate Minky Blanket ($35.00)-

Zebra Baby Carriage Cake

Cow Jumped Over The Moon Lovie Gift Set ($25.00)-

Leopard Baby Booties ($12.99)-

Wild Child Burp Cloth Gift Set ($30.00)-


Here I go again with my eclectic baby findings! I don't know what it is, but I just get soooo excited when I see baby things that don't quite look like baby things (does that make sense??)! But this isn't your run of the mill patchwork, guys! These patterns and color schemes are brilliant, exciting and vibrant!! Hmm, I really need to calm down...I'll go do that while you take a peek. Ciao!!

Quilted Patchwork Baby Bib ($15.00)-

Patchwork Placemat- Flickr user nanacompany

Patchwork Baby Wipe & Diaper Case ($11.00)-

SCRUMPTIOUS- looking Patchwork Cake

Go Go Baby Bundle (prices vary)-

Autumn Corduroy Patchwork Ball ($12.00)-