Polka dots never seem to go out of style (at least for little ones they don't), and personally I am quite thrilled about it- I love 'em! I even tried to find a polka dot stroller for you guys, but it was only available overseas. BUMMER. Anyhoo, here are a few things that I did find. Now if only I could find some masculine looking polka dots for my boys...yea, right. They'd resent me for LIFE!

♥ Pink Polka Dot Felt booties ($22.00)-

♥ Soda Pop Patchwork Blanket ($45.00)

♥ Round About Lolli-dot Burp Cloth set ($22.00)-

Polka Dot Baby Bottle ($24.95)-

Polka Dot Onesies ($22.00)-



  1. What a gorgeous blog! It is quite apparent that you dedicate much time, effort and energy into 'Sweet Cuddle Cakes' and I just can't tell you enough how I wish that there were resources such as this available to me when my now 22 year old daughter was just a wee human!
    Thanks you so very much for showcasing my polka dot felt booties..they are in very good company!
    Hugs to you and your readers..
    Rachel (

  2. Polka dots are my favorite! I enjoyed reading this blog about polka dots! What a nice blog!

  3. You have such a lovely blog! It is so fresh, fun, and really great reading material. Thanks a bunch for featuring my Soda Pop patchwork blanket. I really appreciate it! :)
    Angela :)

  4. those booties and that bottle are incredible!! wow I just love them :) Great stuff here!