Your Baby Is So FAB!!!

Is it ever too young to be fabulous?? The makers of these intricately-designed baby items sure don't think so! Some are even made with real Swarovski crystals! I do want to have money left in my children's college fund,
I'd better just window shop!! Enjoy!

Swarovski Baby Wipe Case ($199.00)-

Palm Beach Pacifier Clip ($30.00)-

Swarovski Heart Love Sneakers ($69.99)-

Aristabrat Pacifier- J.R. Dunn Jewelers

Bling Baby Brush ($275.00)-

Rhinestone Baby Bottle ($35.00)-

♥ Lead picture- Crystal Pacifier Shower Favor ($3.75)-


  1. The bling is too cute! I would love to share your orange and pink baby shower photos on my blog. Terrific photos. Thanks for sharing. Toni

  2. I love these bling things! I got my daughters pacifier and brush set at there stuff if gorgeous, and it held up very well. I love the baby bottles blinged too I will have to check that site out too!

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  4. Do these items not need to pass safety regulations ?