Mommy's Little Prince/Princess...

Being that I am the mother of 2 boys, I oftentimes find myself staring adoringly at frilly girl clothing, all the while loathing the fact that they just never seem to have clothes that darling for boys! And right now I am totally in love with tutu's! BUT- since I wouldn't dare subject my sons to being ridiculed by forcing them to wear one, it only seemed fair to find some items that are fit for a prince as well. Happy Monday, guys!!!

Bloomer Fun Tutu ($17.00)-

Prince Booties-

Cherry Pie Tutu ($17.95)-

Prince Charming hand-painted onesie and cap ($$18.00)-

Pinkerblue Tutu ($33.00)-

Prince Chubby onesie ($31.50)-

♥ Lead picture ($14.00)-


  1. I am the same way. My last three children have been boys and I am so done with the blah colors! I miss the pink and frilly :o( Sadly, I don't think my 17 year old daughter would let me buy her one of those tutus lol. They are adorable though.

  2. Prince Chubby , he he. Love that pinkerblue tutu, I used to be a ballerina so it hits close to home.

  3. the tutu's are soo cute! i remember my mom made me a pink tulle one for halloween when i was 5.

  4. My daughter wore the "Paris Baby" pink tutu from FrillerUp Couture (like the one shown above, but baby pink) for her 2nd birthday last month! It was SO adorable and excellent quality! I highly recommend them!