I have a confession to make- I have two little monkeys for kids. NO, not the primates that you see in the zoo or jungle, but by the way they swing from my banisters and hop off the beds, they might as well be. And guess what?? I love my little monkeys and wouldn't have it any other way. Take a looksie at these monkey-licious items...

Bananas Flannel & Minky Blanket ($35.00)-

Waders & Onesie Set ($26.00)-

Appaman Pink Monkey Onesie ($16.00)-

Monkey See Monkey Do washcloth candies ($7.95)-

Sock Monkey Burp Cloth Set ($30.50)-

Diaper Bag ($165.00)-

Monkey Shoes ($31.00)-


  1. I am honored to be featured in your darling blog! Thanks so much! (-:

  2. What charming pieces! I love Monkeys!

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  4. I love your blog and your shop! Very cute blanket...

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  8. everything is so so cute on here!