Here I go again with my eclectic baby findings! I don't know what it is, but I just get soooo excited when I see baby things that don't quite look like baby things (does that make sense??)! But this isn't your run of the mill patchwork, guys! These patterns and color schemes are brilliant, exciting and vibrant!! Hmm, I really need to calm down...I'll go do that while you take a peek. Ciao!!

Quilted Patchwork Baby Bib ($15.00)-

Patchwork Placemat- Flickr user nanacompany

Patchwork Baby Wipe & Diaper Case ($11.00)-

SCRUMPTIOUS- looking Patchwork Cake

Go Go Baby Bundle (prices vary)-

Autumn Corduroy Patchwork Ball ($12.00)-


  1. PATCHWORK CAKE! Love it! It's fab :)

  2. I love all these things, especially since they aren't the ordinary baby items

  3. Beautiful!

    Thanks for following. I'm now your follower too.

  4. i love the shot of the nursery! it's so inspiring. if i ever have a little one, i would love to be as creative and wacky with their space! great post!

  5. That cake was awesome! Thanks for sharing. Following you from MBC:)