Tired of seeing the same ol' boring nursing covers? Well now you can nurse your baby privately AND fashionably (trust me, the latter is of equal importance!)-

" This Nursing Cover enables breastfeeding moms to nurse their child while spending time with their family and friends. Unlike an ordinary blanket, the Nursing Cover is fitted perfectly to the nursing mother. The Nursing Cover assists mother in staying modest, when baby might snatch a blanket and pull it off!

The neck strap can be completely adjusted and fitted perfectly to Mommy’s liking. One side of the cover has a terry cloth pocket to store breast pads and to clean baby's mouth."

How cool is that?! And for the price, you might opt on getting 2 or 3 so you can switch it up. These are too darling. I might just wear one because of it's cuteness, and I'm not even nursing! Have a great weekend!!!

♥ $21.99


  1. Wow, great nursing cover! I love the fabric... Good for moms! :-)

  2. Too cute! I just found out my best friend is pregnant today :) so I guess I'll start sending her links and keeping some for all the baby gifts I'm going to want to give, hee