'Lil' Buckaroo' Baby Shower..

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Yee-Haw!! Cowboys have been an American staple pretty much forever; I'm convinced that before riding horses they rode dinosaurs. What a unique and fun baby shower theme this is!

There are plenty of cowboy baby shower invites and thank-you cards available today, and this is a great way to set the tone for the big day.

Bandana cones filled with popcorn are cute and easy to make- they also make for a great table display. You can substitute the bandanas for cowboy inspired scrap paper as well. Search online for tutorials and how-to's.

Cowboy cookies make sweet favors; just put a few in a cellophane bag and tie with pretty ribbon. Make sure you speak to all of your guests with a thick, western drawl in order to keep this authentic! Ha Ha; just kidding! Enjoy...

Top Row (left to right):
♥ Cowboy Baby Shower Cake
♥ Cowboy Invitations ($25.00)- www.crafteegyrl.etsy.com

Middle Row (left to right):
♥ 'Hey Cowboy' Cookies ($19.99)- www.lorisplace.etsy.com
♥ Cow Print Balloons

Bottom Row (left to right):
♥ Bandana Tableware
♥ Bandana Popcorn Cones



  1. I love those popcorn cones!

  2. What a great idea for a boy shower! Thanks!

  3. Did you make that cake? If not could you point me in the direction where you found it? I'm hosting a cowboy themed shower soon.

  4. I would NOT recommend Lorisplace cookies - they are beautifully decorated but taste HORRIBLE. Very expensive too.

  5. My husband wanted to have a baby,, but he had an erectil dysfunction problem, so we decided to buy viagra and after that i could be pregnant. All my friend was excited with the new, so they organized an secret baby shower for me. It was wonderful.

  6. OK cowboy let's go to trap some wild horses, arrest some old west rustlers, and tell ma that prepare some chili, because is time to back in time, until the time when the the law was the gun, but in this occassion, she is the law.