So Very Vintage...

I am a lover of all things vintage, especially for babies! The little lace-trimmed dresses seemed so sweet. And the bonnets? Absolutely adorable! However, while I do adore gazing nostalgically at these precious pieces, I have to wonder if I would have been able to afford baby clothing back then! Those babies were always dressed so eloquently, even at nap time! I guess my little ones would have been wearing baby bloomers everywhere we went- no top, no shoes...just bloomers, and maybe socks.

♥ Retro Rocket Minky Blanket ($64.00)-

♥ Butterfly Silk Dress ($135.00)-

♥ Baby Balloons Chenille Baby Bib ($8.00)-

♥ Silver Monogrammed Rattle ($28.00)-

♥ Vintage Baby Cookies ($4.00)-



  1. AWWWW! Look at the little bib! You always find the most amazing pictures!

  2. What cute items!! The little shoes with the lace give me baby needs! We've decided to buy and get settled in a house first though.