Rainbows and Lemondrops...

Ever since I was a wee little girl, I have always loved rainbows! They're so colorful and playful and innocent, and I still get stopped in my tracks when I see one after the rain. I especially love to see babies in them; they look so sweet! Ok, so there aren't any lemondrops in this post, but I thought the title sounded rather delightful ~smile~!

♥ Rainbow Surprise TuTu ($24.50)- tututwirls.etsy.com

♥ Retro Rainbow Wall Art ($48.00)- sewnnatural.etsy.com

♥ Rainbow Cupcakes

♥ Rainbow Striped Onesie/Legwarmer Combo ($21.00)- mamarunswithscissors.com

♥ Rainbow Tye Die Jumpsuit Set ($35.00)- scarletterosefairy.etsy.com

♥ Lead Picture- Pocket Rainbow ($19.50)- therainbowroom.etsy.com



  1. Thanks for including 'Pocket Rainbow' in this colourful post!
    It's so lovely : )

  2. OMG what a gorgeous blog! The colors in everything you picked are so vibrant! I LOVE the rainbow theme! Thank you so much for including my tutu!

  3. Thank you so so much for including my rainbow onesie set! Your blog is gorgeous and who doesn't love rainbows!! X.x.

    Love & peace,
    Ema Lou.
    Scarlette Rose Fairy.

  4. Might have to splurge and buy the Rainbow Striped Onesie/Legwarmer Combo. What an adorable set.

  5. Apple, I wholeheartedly agree! Now I wish I had a little girl to buy for! LOL

  6. Oh How CUTE! I love rainbows too, and so does my daughter! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog today!