A Beachy Baby Shower...

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Right now is the perfect time of year to fire up the grill and throw a beach-themed baby shower! How much fun will that be? I'll tell you- LOTS!

Take advantage of the all the cute summer tableware on sale now (you know, the ones right next to the picnic baskets) in stores like Target, Walmart and Party America. You could also grab a few inflatable beach balls for added color.

Drink umbrellas could also double as cupcake toppers or even hor d'ouvre picks. Fill a few kiddie buckets with sand and a tiki torch for an authentic beach feel.

Beach-themed cookies make for a cute display as well as sweet favors for guests. You could even grab a couple of beach umbrellas and set them up; inexpensive and cute! Trust me, it'll be a BLAST!!!

♥ Under the Sea gift tags ($4.50)- ciaobambino.etsy.com
♥ Sand pail/shovel invites ($25.00)- plumparty.com
♥ Easter buckets ($21.00)- bellahope.etsy.com
♥ Tropical Punch cupcake toppers ($6.00)- thebirthdayhouse.etsy.com



  1. This is great! Gets me excited for my destination wedding! Love the new layout :)

  2. Those ideas are adorable! If I had that baby shower I would be one happy momma :)

  3. Those are some pretty cute finds!

    Love LOVE your blog design!

  4. What a great idea! If I wasn't delivering in Dec/ Jan would love to have that theme. Maybe make a Summer in December. We do live on the beach:)