'Ice Cream' Baby Shower...

(click pictures to enlarge)

I don't know about you, but I certainly scream for ice cream! We've all heard of the 'pickles and ice cream' shower, but what about a straight-forward ice cream shower, complete with a sundae bar? How CUTE is that??

Aren't these ice cream cupcakes by Hello Naomi absolutely adorable? I thought so, too!

You could set the tone with these charming ice cream cone invitations. This little Zazzle boutique has an assortment of matching stickers, stamps and note cards as well.

There are lots of cute ice cream shaped vases out there, and placing flowers in them gives your party a dainty look and feel.

Setting up a sundae bar for your guests is made simple with this idea from Country Living. Just premake your ice cream cones, dip them in melted white chocolate and chocolate, then roll them around in coconut flakes, nuts, sprinkles etc. Saves you a lot of hassle on the big day, too.

Your guests will drool (I sure did) for these for these sweet enough to eat Neapolitan Popsicle soaps from Soapy Love. They'd make for some cute favors!

Or opt for these heart-shaped ice cream scoops found here.

Go ahead and treat yourself; you deserve it!



  1. An ice cream shower!!! Sounds yummy; and fun!!!

  2. Wonderful idea!! YUM!

    BTW you MUST have raspberry bushes where you are?! And blueberry too!


  3. Paula J- LOL! I'm sure there are some somewhere, I've just yet to find them! :(

  4. where did you find those cute waffle cone vases?

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