Pink & Orange Baby Shower

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When planning a baby shower for my clients, sometimes it can be challenging to find baby-themed products because of the "not-so-babyish" bold colors I like to use. However, being that there are many mod-mom and contemporary themed shower goodies out there today, don't be afraid to think outside of the box and spice things up a bit! Why?? Because you're one hot mama!!

For invites look for simple and to-the-point designs in order to keep them from being too busy- the color will be eye-catching enough!

The table setting could consist of white table linens and chairs (or chair covers) with a splash of color for the napkins and holders, or even vice-versa; the contrast will compliment one another well. A few bouquets of fresh flowers are always key in decorating as it adds an elegant touch without breaking your wallet, and during this time of the year the colors should be easy to find.

For the menu, go with grilled chicken sandwiches on kaiser rolls, coleslaw or fresh pasta salad, and chocolate-covered strawberries and oranges. Raspberry lemonade with slices of lemons served in glass pitchers will also lend to the theme. The ooh's and aahh's you'll receive will be endless!!

♥ Pink and orange vellum candy boxes- ($15.00)
♥ Princess Banner ($15.00)-
♥ Pom Pom set- ($30.00)-


  1. Wonderful vibrant colours - makes a nice change from the usual pastel pinks and blues of baby stuff!

  2. I like this, sometimes the pink and blue can get overwhelming and who hasnt been to a shower with those colors, this is so exciting and bright.

  3. I always though vibrant colors wouldn’t work for baby shower ideas for girls also but I guess it does when you find the right balance. Kudos!