Cupcake Break!

By now you might have an inkling that I have an affinity for cupcakes. Any kind, and it matters not from where. As a matter of fact, I love 'em so much that if someone were to give me a liver-flavored one, I would still devour it as if it were the most delectable red velvet cupcake topped with buttery rich cream-cheese frosting and a cherry on top to boot. YUM! However, since most babies have yet to experience this decadent luxury, I guess these cute little digs that I found on Etsy will have to suffice...Ahem- can I please have theirs?

Cupcake Dress (24.00)-

Sprinkles Cupcake Hat (19.00)-

Baby Mary Jane's Cupcake Shoes (32.00)-

Personalized Cupcake T-shirt (20)-

What's your favorite type of cupcake??


  1. Those baby maryjanes have been on my wishlist for awhile ..I think Ill get them soon for the fall season..Absolutely love cupcakes too!! Maybe because you get more frosting then a slice of cake...:)

  2. A girl after my own heart! I absolutely love yummy cupcakes...they have virtually replaced the birthday cake in my house!