Zero Calories, Zero Fat!

I loooooove sweets; perhaps a bit too much! Oh, how much simpler life would be if I could satisfy my sweet tooth by simply glancing at these delectable-looking non-edible confections. Well, they'd certainly make sweet gifts! Now; off to find a cupcake...

3-tier diaper cake ($65.00)-

Sweetie Pie Pink burpcloth cupcakes ($22.00)-

Princess Tea Party felt desserts ($20.00)-

Diaper Cake ($75.00)-

Cupcake Soap ($12.45)-

♥ Lead Picture: Chocolate Fudge Brownie paper cake box- ($24.00)-


  1. I am into all things cupcake right now, I am planning my daughters birthday in a cupcake theme. Those soaps and the tea party set are darling.

  2. fantastic! so cute! i loved your cupcakes! kisses from monica! if you don't mind i will adicionate in my blog!