CLOTH DIAPERS- (don't let them frighten you!)

Cloth or plastic? Almost sounds like your choice of options at the grocery store, huh? However, this is the age-old question that many new moms are faced with in regards to diapering. While cloth diapers are better for babies, many moms like the convenience of disposable ones. But boy, do I have good news! Today's cloth diapers are made to be just as convenient, a lot less messier than the days of old, and my favorite part? They're 343 billion times cuter (insert squeals of delight here)!!! Not to mention they're less expensive in the long run than disposables. Changing baby has never been more fun!

Bumkins All In One Diaper-

Vintage Green and Brown diaper- ($13.50)-

Minky Diaper ($32.97)-

Gumballs baby wipe case ($11.00)-

Wahmie's wet bags-

On The Go diaper clutch ($24.00)-

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  1. Those diapers and accessories are so cute! Almost makes me wish I had a baby to wrap up in one. Almost ;)