Contemporary Craze!

I find that a lot of today's moms are extremely mod; hip and trendy is all the rage! How cool! So, for all of you that like to stay one-step ahead, here are a few unique finds for the little bebe. Yes, I know some of it looks dangerous, but no need to strap an ultra-chic helmet on the baby for feeding- it's all safe!

Cariboo Bassinet (prices vary)-

Blue Dot Moses Basket ($250.00)-

Red Fishes Baby Quilt Set ($280.00)-

High Chair ($500.00)-

Ajo Bebe Gift Basket (prices vary)-


  1. Yes, alot of modern stuff lately, but I still like french country/shabby chic :)

  2. Oh my gosh! That first picture of the giraffes is EXACTLY what I have been looking for for my nursery! You have answered my prayers! Thank you for posting that! I have been at a loss for months now just figuring I would have to somehow make what I invisioned ... that is perfect!

  3. Where is that comforter set and wall decoration from?