Green Is The New.....everything???

I'm sure I'm not the only one who cringes with the guilt of contaminating the planet when I use plastic bags...or am I? Hey, I have lots of those cute recycled and reusable tote bags in my trunk, but it's just taking me awhile to remember to grab them before I dash into the store. I guess old habits are hard to break (I'm working on it, honestly!). At least we can start the kids off early though, huh? Check out these cute organic baby duds!...And I do love trees, by the way.

'I Give A Hoot' organic tees-

Organic Striped Long T-shirt & Pants set ($29.95)-

left: Organic Mary Jane Skimmers ($12.00)-
right: Organic Cotton Baby Hat ($25.00)-

Yoga Pants Set ($46.00)-

'Love A Little Tree' ($25.00)-


  1. Live the bunny hat and booties, and the butterfly outfit..really cute! Organic is smart

  2. I soooo agree! There are so many options that allow us to be organic, smart AND fashionable!!

  3. great organic baby items. The picture of hanging baby clothes is really pretty.

  4. Very cute blog! I love your shop too-