Time To Eat

Feeding time is a wonderful time to bond with your baby, isn't it? You caressing their little cheeks while they look up at you ever-so-lovingly- how sweet! Yep; until they get about 9-months and learns how to turn their head just as the spoon is about to connect to their tiny mouth! If they knew how to talk, I bet they'd be saying "Now who needs the bib, mom?" Gotta love 'em...

Made By Oots Dish Set ($28.50)- chittypulga.com

4 Piece Dinnerware Set ($32.00)- pinkoliveboutique.com

Shine Bloom Grow Sing Placemats ($69.00- set of four)- lemontreestudio.etsy.com

Moon Wood Baby Toast Puzzle ($27.50)- tinybirdsorganics.com

Oilcloth Lunch Sack ($15.00)- abbabyboutique.com

Bumpkins' Sleeved Bib ($14.95)- babyearth.com

Skip Hop Palette ($28.00)- albeebaby.com


  1. You blog and your shop are both amazing. Thank you sew much for visiting mine...

  2. Oooooh, oooh oooo! I looove all these sweet goodies! wow, great selection....LOVE that sectional plate with the bright colors.....thanks for sharing!